MARCH 14-17 2018

Austin, TX

7th and Neches

409 E 7th st






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The Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival aka Heart of Texas Rockfest features the best in unsigned talent that Austin and the surrounding southwest region have to offer, as well as some of the best indie artists from across America and beyond. Launched in March 2000, the first Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival started humbly with one venue and sixteen bands in downtown Austin. Now in its 18th year, the 2017 Heart of Texas Rock Fest will boast hundreds of indie acts in several nightclubs and bars and also on our enormous downtown outdoor stages. Motivated by the desire to support and promote the best yet-to-be discovered talent rising from the burgeoning Texas alternative rock scene, the event is strategically scheduled to coincide with Austin's annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Media, Film and Music Festival. Last year over 40,000 rockers came to our showcases!


Over 30,000 entertainment professionals and 200,000 people are expected to attend the ten days of interactive multi media, film, and music events, conferences, and trade shows in Austin. The 18th annual Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass provides one more good excuse for music industry executives and cutting edge indie bands to come to Austin in March.


The Heart of Texas Rockfest has played host to Rock Legends and Hitmakers like Tom Morello, George Lynch, Blue October, Ghostland Observatory, Pepper, Bob Schneider and many more.

Every year a star is born and we continue to keep the event FREE and open to the public. NO $200 WRISTBAND REQUIRED.


The Heart of Texas Rockfest - Music For The People!




Crank County Daredevils

Stoned Evergreen Travelers


Nomad City

Lil' Flip

Dharma Kings


The Heroine

Raven Black

The Mrs.

Dirty Wormz

  1:00 JC Triple Threat

  6:00 Sunday at Noon

  1:30 Nahaya

  7:00 Standing Hero

  2:00 Ships Have Sailed

  7:30 SINE

  2:30 Jennifer Fuentes

  8:00 Dragon Blood Sex Machine

  3:00 Broke Royals

  8:30 TBD

  3:30 Ayasoltec

  9:00 Litzbomb

  4:00 The Sink or Swim

  9:30 Sifting

  4:30 Stupid Drama

10:15 Celeste 'al Descent

  5:00 Tommy Marsh

10:45 - 12:00 Hydrenalin

  5:30 The Boleys

12:00 TBD

  5:30 The Cringe

12:30 Experiment 34

  6:00 Stonebreed

  1:00 Heritage Band

  6:30 Sifting

  1:30 Twin Scars

  7:00 99 Crimes

  2:00 Skyler Lutes

  7:30 Pussy Factory

  2:30 Forbidden Gekko Love

  8:00 Milton J and the Leftovers

  3:00 StoneKracker

  8:30 Lucky Tubb & the Modern Day Troubadours

  3:30 Stoned Evergreen Travelers

  9:15 - 12:00 Crichy Crich and Lil' Flip



-Pixel Terror

-Internet Famous

-Nathaniel Knows


  4:00 Kevlar

  4:30 The Heroine

  5:00 Oklahomos

11:00 TBD

  5:30 Castaway Radio

11:30 Medus Disco

  6:00 18th and Addison

12:00 Elizabeth Tighe

12:30 Emma Moseley Band

  7:00 Dave Jordan and the NIA

  1:00 Motor Media (TBD)

  7:30 Crystal Babii

  1:30 Sifting

  8:00 Girls Can't Drive

  2:00 People Who Could Fly

  8:30 Crank County Daredevils

  2:30 Kirra

  9:15 Milton J and the Leftovers

  3:00 Wiser Time

  9:45 Emma Moseley Band

  3:30 Three Kisses

10:30 TBD

  4:00 Sunset Voodoo

11:15  Heritage Band

  4:30 James Speer

  5:00 Dawson Rutledge

12:00 TBD

11:00 TBD

  5:30 Tailor

11:30 Experiment 34

  6:00 Nomad City

12:00 American Dreamer

  6:30 Ginger Leigh

12:30 Broken Valor

  7:00 Milton J and the Leftovers

  1:00 The Last Gentleman

  7:30 Social Flood

  1:30 Room 24

  8:00 The Mrs.

  2:00 Tyne Darling

  8:45  Alpha Rev

  2:30 Revel in Romance

  9:15  Kikimora

  3:00 Skyler Lutes

10:00 Raven Black

  3:30 Paul Renna

10:30 Dharma Kings

  4:00 Glass Hands

11:15  Chef Sean & The Blaze

  4:30 Darkness;Ending

  5:00 Sifting

11:45  Dirty Wormz

12:30  TBD

Wednesday March 15th

Thursday March 16th

Friday March 17th

Saturday March 18th


Try some of the best Austin food while you rock out!

Amira Concession

Linda Chan

Sangtawan Thai


Thanks to the following for sponsoring the Heart of Texas Rockfest



7th and Neches

Austin, TX



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